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Golden Gate Roasted Pistachios, 200g


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Category: DRY FRUITS

These roasted & lightly salted Pistachios are rich in potassium, protein, antioxidants and fiber. They help in reducing unhealthy fats in the body, regulating cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels.

The Golden Gate Roasted Pistachios 200g have an extra large size. Fibre-rich and seasoned to perfection, our lovely Pistachios are wholesome, delightful and fun to eat! Despite being rich in nutrients, pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts. Pistachios make a delightful, tasty snack. Relished by children and grownups alike, you can serve them with cocktails, evening snacks or anytime munch.

Benefits of Golden Gate Roasted Pistachios-

  • Low in trans fat and cholesterol, gluten-free, non-GMO, high in protein, dietary fiber, non-GMO.
  • A perfect heart-healthy snack for an active lifestyle.
  • Nut with low calories, ideal for weight watchers.
  • Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium are found in great abundance in this nut.
  • Gold Gate will give you the energy you need to get through the day!
  • Go to snack for Gym goers, athletes and joggers.

A serving of 28 grams of pistachios contains good amounts of fiber, protein, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B6, and manganese. Pistachios contain some of the most antioxidants of all nuts.So you can snack on them absolutely guilt-free! They can be used to make sauces and butters, enjoyed in salads and desserts, or simply raw.

Pistachio snacks can be enjoyed anywhere!

Pistachios from California are salted and roasted to further enhance their flavor. You can eat this delightful snack as it is, or you can add it to ice cream, yogurt, and even salads.

It is an ideal ingredient for baking & cooking!

Make Pista Barfi or Garnish your sweet Shrikhand with Pista. Pistachios are pleasantly Crunchy and their flavor enhances the taste of cakes and cookies. The soft and crunchy texture is amazing.

How to store Golden Gate Pistachio?

Store Golden Gate Roasted Pistachio in a cold and dry place. Use an air-tight container to maintain their texture. You can also store them in the refrigerator after opening a packet.

Consciously Chosen Ingredient- Freshly sourced Pistachio from across the globe.