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8AM Honey & Almonds Corn Flakes, 300g


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A popular breakfast choice to start your day with a little crunch! Served with cold or hot milk, corn flakes are healthy, tasty, and a good source of energy. Crispy flakes enriched with almonds and honey, for a nourishing start to the day!

Your Regular 8AM Cornflakes are now tastier and crispier like never before, packed with the goodness of real Honey and Almonds. A healthy and wholesome meal that contains all the vital nutrients needed to kickstart your day is now served to you with your favorite dry fruit. So just grab this mouth-savoring product for a perfect 8AM start.

Jumpstart your Mornings with a delicious bowl of 8AM Honey & Almond Corn Flakes

Get Natural Sweetness of Honey, Crunch of Almonds, and Crispiness of Cornflakes in one pack. Honey & Almond Cornflakes are the healthiest breakfast option. Each morning, this one superfood in the golden cape saves your day. These Cornflakes contain many vitamins and minerals, including Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B6 and Niacin (B3). They also contain iron.

What's the best part of 8AM Honey & Almonds Corn Flakes?

In no time, they're ready. Simply open the pack and pour them into a bowl of warm milk. Enjoy the delicious crunch and taste of 8AM Almond Cornflakes.

We have added honey & almonds to our Cornflakes. We put all our heart and soul into making everyone's breakfast delicious and healthy. Almonds are healthy, nutrient-rich nuts with a powerful crunch. Honey is the best booster for you. It simply sustains energy The next benefit of honey is that it improves to improve your cholesterol. Besides that being an anti-oxidant it lowers our blood pressure as well. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Both Almond and Honey have long-lasting energy and natural goodness. When combined together, Cornflakes, Honey, and Almonds you get a mouthwatering taste. So, try it now to make your Mornings better!

Our 8AM Honey & Almond Cornflakes are Crispy and Crunchy. Our Cornflakes are packed in organic, preservative-free packaging so they remain fresh and organic. Cornflakes packed with acute hygiene are guaranteed to adhere to international food safety standards.

Consciously Chosen Ingredients- Corn grits, Sugar, slices of almond, Cereal extract, dextrose, honey, salt, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant (INS 320).