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Golden Gate Dry Fruits Gift Pack, 600g


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This festive season Golden Gate is offering Dry Fruit Gift Hampers to make you & your Family super healthy. This exclusive Dry Fruit basket includes Cashew, Almonds and Pistachio. During celebrations, we binge on unhealthy snacks. This Diwali let’s Dive into Fitness and Keep your mind sound and Heart healthy. 

Golden Gate Gift Pack | Dry Fruit Gift Hamper

Golden Gate has a variety of Dry Fruits for you. Do you know what’s the best thing? They are not only nutritious but tasty as well. 


1) Let’s Catch the Richness of Cashew. Why? They are your Heart’s best friend.

  • -Keep you Heart-healthy as they are low in Cholesterol.
  • -Makes your Bones strong as they contain high levels of copper and Iron
  • -Good for your skin because they contain selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

2) You are going to love every piece of Almond. Do you know why? The Crunch and taste make it more delicious. 

  • -Good for your heart, as it is Cholesterol-Free.
  • - Keeps you energetic, even if it’s Gluten-Free.
  • -Boosts your digestive system as it is a good source of Fiber
  • - Keeps your heart sound as if it is Low in saturated Fats. 
  • -Controls your Blood pressure as it is low in sodium level. 

3) Enjoy the delectable Pistachio, every bite is loaded with nutrients.

  • - Low blood sugar levels
  • - Boost the immune system
  • -Improves vision
  • - Betters your digestion
  • - Keeps your heart healthy.

Share the joy of gifting your loved one’s Immunity, Fitness & Strength to fight an unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t think twice, Grab your organic and healthy Dry Fruit Gift basket pack Now!